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      On-site repairs of most standard IBM compatible hardware.

Most IBM compatibles comprise of standard hardware, EG:
CPU, Motherboard, Memory, Hard-Disk drives, Floppy drives, CD_Rom drives,
video cards and of course Power supplies. In most cases, these components are available
from local suppliers here in Adelaide making it easy to source new or 
replacement items when necessary.
Contacts are available for proprietary hardware, EG:
Compaq, IBM, Dell and other name brands.

      Software installation and configuration.

There are many different operating systems, and versions of operating systems
available. They can be purchased as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) versions
which come at a reduced cost when purchased with new hardware, or retail,
(Over the counter). These systems can be installed and setup to suit your needs,
or customised for your pleasure.

      Internet Services

Having been on the internet since 1989, MCRS has seen it evolve into
a very powerful tool.
The services offered on the internet enable us to obtain and send information
at a greater speed and efficiency than ever before. Unfortunately it has also
opened the door to unwanted intruders.

The services offered in this area include:
Firewall configuration and testing.
Setting up of your local area network / intranet for safe and secure internet access.
Configuration of end-user PC's for internet access and e-mail.
Optimising your internet connection for greatest efficiency.

If you are new to internet services, a suitable ISP can be located for
your Broadband / NBN internet connection. On-site installation is also available to
help configure and troubleshoot if the need arises.

      Domain Registration and Hosting

Mobile Computer Repairs & Services has been dealing with a number of ISP's
over the last few years and can help you locate a suitable server for your
hosting and e-mail services.


Networking needs are designed and implemented on a per situation basis.
Depending on the number of users required to use the network, will
directly effect the design of the server environment. 
The hardware and the operating system will depend on the type
of applications being used and the amount of network load being generated.
For cabling of new networks and upgrading / additions to existing networks, professional
"Qualified" contractors are used.


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